Friday, April 1, 2016

Wish You Were Church's!

Today marks the revival of one of my favorite blog series; where I receive suggestions of places to visit from readers and share them with the world! Wishing I was there...or is it here?...

Photo Source: Wikipedia

..."Go to Church's," some friends said. "Go to Church's and get fulfilled,"...with fried chicken and all sorts of other greasy delicacies! Of course it may not match-up in an artistic sense with a place like the Basilica of St. Josaphat, but you don't have to fast before enjoying some Honey-Butter Biscuit Tender Strips! If you don't want the poultry, I'm sure the fried okra will get you smiling too!

Happy April Fool's Day!

On a More Serious Note...I do have some folks who have shared some of their church photos similar to a set that I published last year, and I am hoping to publish them soon. I have also hit the road photographing churches and hope to share some pics of my own before too long!


  1. Remarkable blog! I have no words to praise, it has really allured me.
    Wake Forest, NC