Monday, June 15, 2015

Wish You Were Old St. Mary's, Milwaukee

A new series for the blog while I'm getting larger posts ready. Have a church that you want featured on the blog? Email me suggestions at Attach a postcard-worthy photo that I can include in the post too please!

A reader of the blog, Melissa Behrens, sent the images below to me on my phone while she was out in Milwaukee attending a friend's wedding. I have been in Old St. Mary's a few times, but haven't given it the true Roamin' Catholic Churches treatment yet. Hopefully soon!

Thanks Melissa!

ps. If you want to see a slick-looking lifestyle blog, check out Melissa and her husband Max's lifestyle blog Lumber Loves Lace. Their dog, Henry, is actually the preeminent blogger in the family, and you can catch him at Sir Henry the Dog.

Photos by Melissa Behrens.
"Postcard" by Colter Sikora, derived from one of Melissa's photos.

Old St. Mary Catholic Church