Sunday, February 1, 2015

Septuagesima Sunday (A Housekeeping Post)

"Ascend Mortals To This Mountain Top For Here Through Mary All Shall Obtain Salvation.
Our Lady Of Czestochowa, Pray For Us."
From St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Milwaukee.

Now that I have finally posted all of my "Advent" photos and caught up with the Doors Open Milwaukee posts, I now have a little bit of time to take stock in what is going on with Roamin' Catholic Churches.  First, websites like this don't matter much at all without interest from readers who take the time to read, share, and hopefully be entertained by these posts.  In the fast few weeks especially, a number of fine folks have taken a look at the site and shared some of the last few posts or a link to the blog homepage.  For these things, I thank you all!

To my understanding, the sites below have shared a link, photo, or article snippet.  They each post a lot of interesting content in their own right, depending on where your interests lie, and they are all worth least a look.  

The Badger Catholic - (Mostly) Wisconsin Catholicism, also has church photos.:

Imprisoned In My Bones - Various Catholic topics, focus on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.:

Catholic Architecture and History of Toledo, Ohio - Church architecture and artwork blog focused on the Diocese of Toledo.:

Dumb Ox Writings - "Commentary and so forth from a Catholic in Milwaukee."

St. Stanislaus Oratory's Facebook Page

I have to make some updates to the blog itself (not the content) soon, and I hope that I get the manuscript and photos ready for the next bigger blog post going soon.  Stay tuned!

Also, from the encouragement of a friend and blog reader, I am adding basic credits to the photos for now.  Then again, I still am not that thrilled with my own photography.  In the event that you do want to use any of these photos beyond blog posts, please email me at and we will work something out.